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Thu Jun 19 05:04:00 MDT 2008

By *Stephen O’Brien*

Towards the end of 1975 a movement of young radicals organised in the 
Zimbabwe People’s Army (ZIPA) took charge of Zimbabwe’s liberation war. 
ZIPA’s fusion of inclusive politics, transformational vision and 
military aggression dealt crippling blows to the white supremacist 
regime of Ian Smith. However, it’s success also paved the way for a 
faction of conservative nationalists led by Robert Mugabe to wrest 
control of the liberation movement for themselves.

The fact that Mugabe, a former rural school teacher, and his cronies 
would become the ruling capitalist elite of Zimbabwe by crushing a 
movement of young /Chavista/-style revolutionaries doesn’t sit well with 
their anti-imperialist self-image.

Full: http://links.org.au/node/481

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