[Marxism] fronting for Morales

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Here's one. How's this:  In 2005:  "The El Alto Enlarged Plenary of the COR 
agreed to organize and create.....secret pickets armed with spears, sticks 
[not Mausers]...other means of self-defense in order to protect the 
integrity of the workers..."

>From Jorge Martin's ZNet article. Think it was May 26-- I'm quoting from my 
notes.. maybe I have it wrong.

As for relic weapons of 1952-- Aymara community militias have been known to 
repel the military and police using their traditional slingshots.

The argument is not that Bolivia was on the verge of a workers state.  The 
argument is that Bolivia was and is in the midst of a social revolution--  
that Morales and the MAS during the 2004-2005 period had supported the Mesa 
government initiatives; that originally the MAS opposed the popular demand 
for nationalization; that the MAS would not endorse the blockades; that 
there was a widespread movement for replacement of the parliament by popular 
assemblies and that such assemblies have functioned in the past, in 
miniature providing essential services and democratic government of 
neighborhoods.  For example in 2003 I believe the FEJUVE and El Alto COR 
took over the entire city, with democratically elected councils running the 
city.  And the MAS opposed the call for popular assemblies.

To argue that those who occupied the fields, those who took over the 
refineries didn't or don't know how to run them  and for that reason the 
seizures cannot be taken seriously, or regarded as "revolutionary" is to 
parrot the arguments that have always been trotted out against seizures of 
private property.

The argument is not that Morales is some sort of traitor.  And the argument 
is not that immediate seizures of power and property were on the agenda and 
could have been carried through to completion immediately in 2005.  The 
argument is that to the resolution of the economic and social problems in 
Bolivia requires building upon those embryonic organizations of class power, 
independent of parliament, that develop during class struggle.

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