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It's fascinating when people write, at great length, how they don't 
plan to respond. But at least Jorge did make some effort to try to
respond. The links will be appreciated by anyone trying to follow
the situation in Bolivia. They document the campaign which the
IMT has been on about Evo Morales and the MAS all along.

JORGE MARTIN wrote this in 2005, which demonstrates that the IMG
has been campaigning against Morales and the MAS for at least the
past three years. They saw Morales forces as being on the decline,
shortly before Morales won the presidency of Bolivia.

"In the next few days it will become clearer which of the two
strategies wins more support in the movement, the one favoured by 
the MAS leaders of a truce and confidence in the new government of
Rodriguez, or that of the COB and El Alto of no truce and
continuation of the struggle as it is.

"It is probable that the first one will gather more momentum. They
have in their favour the support of the media, the Catholic Church,
etc, the authority that Morales still commands, particularly outside
of La Paz and El Alto, and among important layers of the masses (coca
peasants, cooperative miners), and finally the natural feeling of
tiredness amongst the more radical sections which are at the same
time the ones that have been out the longest."
JORGE MARTIN writes this in June 2008:
as for Walter's comments: "Marxist.com website, seem to be on the permanent
warpath against Evo Morales and the Movement Toward Socialism, for some
reason, and they back some other forces in Bolivian life which are leading
the struggle against Evo, but not against secession by the privileged
areas." I won't even bother responding to such distorsion of the truth.

The International Marxist Tendency and In Defence of Marxism are on record in
writing and in actions in supporting the Evo Morales government against the
oligarchy, in the elections in December 2005 and ever since. At the same
time we have pointed out that the strategy of the Evo Morales government of
basing itself on talks with the oligarchy rather than the mass mobilisation
of the workers and peasants which brought it to power is an extremely
dangerous one, one which encourages the oligarchy to go on the offensive and
which runs the risk of disorientating and demobilising its own supporters.


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