[Marxism] Class Struggle, Fossil Fuels, and Environmental Catastrophe

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 19 08:55:28 MDT 2008

"Numbers" of humans will decline?  This, I infer, refers to absolute 
numbers, not just decline in rate of growth.

How are we as Marxists going to advocate that?  In prior discussions, some 
argued that the "carrying capacity" of the earth was less than half the 
current human population, and I posed the question... how are we going to 
decide which half lives, who gets to reproduce?

IMO, to advance a struggle against destruction of the environment, to 
protect living and mineral resources, we really have to oppose anything that 
can be taken as Malthusian.

Rational, social control of resources, the use of resources for...use, not 
value accumulation-- actual increased economic development through 
socialism, not austerity or depletion based agitation for reform, 
represents the best course forward.

In that regard, in response to Barry's posting, I would like to point out 
that nothing in North Korea's economic predicament is due to 
"over-population."  The destructive practices and policies were not "locust 
swarm" policies based on sudden increases and appearances of surplus mouths 
to feed.

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