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NEW TITLE FROM VERSO=0A=0AUnfinished Nation: Indonesia Before and After Suh=
arto=0A=0ABy Max Lane=0A=0AISBN 9781844672363 / =C2=A360 /$110/ Hardcover=
=0A=0AISBN 9781844672370 / =C2=A316.99 / $29.95 / Paperback=0A=0A=E2=80=9CU=
nfinished Nation=E2=80=9D traces the evolution of Indonesian political stru=
ggle from its anti-colonial stirrings in the early twentieth century to a l=
engthy, and eventually victorious, struggle against the dictatorship of Pre=
sident Suharto. In clarifying the often-misunderstood political changes tha=
t took place in Indonesia at the end of the twentieth century, Max Lane tra=
ces how small resistance groups inside Indonesia directed massive political=
 transformation. He shows how the real heroes were the Indonesian workers a=
nd peasants, whose sustained mass direct action was the determining force i=
n toppling one of the most enduring dictatorships of modern times. Taking i=
n the role of political Islam, and with considerations on the future of thi=
s fragmented country, =E2=80=9CUnfinished Nation=E2=80=9D is an illuminatin=
g account of modern Indonesian history. =0A=0AMore information from the Ver=
so website:=0A=0Ahttp://www.versobooks.com/books/klm/l-titles/lane_max_unfi=
nished_nation.shtml=0A=0A=0AAvailable at all good bookshops or on Amazon:=
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