[Marxism] If we don't get George W. Bush's third term...

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 19 19:07:49 MDT 2008

Walter: "There are plenty of matters, virtually all of Obama's policies,
on which you can criticize him and you'll receive no quarrel from
me because I'll agree with you. But the constant harping against
Obama on Cuba, where his position is notably, though by no means
qualitatively, different from that of Bush/McCain, is simply and
obviously politically wrong, in my opinion."

But Walter, the post you responded to said NOTHING WHATSOEVER ABOUT CUBA! You 
were the one who made that leap. I was "harping" on Obama's tendancy to 
associate himself with and praise Republicans.

Walter: ...it will become a political factor
within the United States as more and more Cubans themselves go to
Cuba and see that the entire population isn't walking around in
shackles and chains, as most people in the United States have got
the impression through the past half-century of U.S. media lying.

So...how do you explain that Cuban-Americans already had that right, until 2004, 
and their trips to Cuba didn't seem to become the "political factor" you 
fantasize that it will become under President Obama? If and when OTHER Americans 
can go to Cuba, and not as part of some special "brigade" or "study group" but 
as plain, ordinary old tourists, THEN I completely agree it will become a 
political factor, which is precisely why such visits by "regular people" have 
been prevented except for the smallest window in the Carter administration. 
Cuban-Americans visiting their relatives are hardly likely to have the same effect.

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