[Marxism] Open letter to Interpol on FARC computer

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 20 07:59:44 MDT 2008

This open letter isn't even as strong as it should be! It says:

"The second sentence is within the scope of the investigation, but it is not 
clear that the report backs it up. For example, your report states that INTERPOL 
found "no evidence that user files were created, modified, or deleted on any of 
the eight seized FARC computer exhibits following their seizure on 1 March 2008 
by Colombian authorities.."

"To find no evidence of something is not the same as saying that it absolutely 
did not happen, or that "no one can ever question" whether it happened."

But the INTERPOL statement is absurd. Creating a file which "appears" to have 
been created much earlier is child's play - turn on the computer, go to the 
date/time control panel, change the date to last year, create some files, then 
change the date back. No doubt the computer experts hidden in the bowels of the 
CIA could do an even slicker job, manipulating the hard drive bit by bit if they 
need to (e.g., take the hard drive out, connect it as a second drive to another 
computer, then run a program on that computer which can create files on that 
hard drive with any parameters like creation and modification date that one 

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