[Marxism] Class Struggle, Fossil Fuels, and Environmental Catastrophe

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Fri Jun 20 18:08:25 MDT 2008

What Walter describes as the Cuban rate system is actually what most 
utilities in the US do also. In PG&E's area in California, its 9 to 11 cents 
a KW/hr upto 200 KW/hrs a month and then 14 cents KW/hr after that. 
The "200" a low average based on some sort of average use base-line 
for each residence. Commercial users pay an alogether different rate. 
Californians outside municipal utlility districts pay the highest electrical 
rates in the US.

But don't be mislead by discussions on residential usage of power...in 
California, to use this state as an example, again, residences make up 
only 17% of electrical consumption and I wouldn't be surprised if this was 
also the case in Cuba. Commerical and Industrial make up the overwhelming 
majority of usage of electrical energy. So the big issue here is more efficient 
usages of power as well as establishing abundent and clean power.


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