[Marxism] US says exercise by Israel "seemed" directed at Iran

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 17:51:44 MDT 2008

It does not seems as if an Israeli attack on Iran is immanent . Olmert in
his last visit so  to the US, so  it seems, has failed in his attempt to
convince Bush administration to open a war against Iran and was told that
now it is time of diplomacy.

This is evident  also by  the   Egyptian-broked  truce between the Israeli
state  and Hamas  that reflects  the weakening  of the Zionist state, the
main pillar  of the imperialist order in the region Hamas has been seeking  a
cease fire for a long time but Israel refused for at least two years if not

 The fact that, the Egyptian ruling class is  the  "peace" broker between
the  rebelling Palestinians  and  oppressive Israeli state   just proves  that
this class in Egypt  is  serving the same masters in Washington.. As a rule
: When the Arab ruling class in Jordan or Egypt  is in trouble the Zionist
state role is to save them  by a war. When the Israeli state is trouble the
role of the Arab ruling class is to save it by illusions of peace deals and
cease fires.

The last few years were not very  good for Bush and his local servants in
the region. Not only his administration has failed in Iraq but Israel the
main instrument of the imperialist order in the region has failed miserably
in Lebanon and in Gaza. The weakening of Israel  means that the imperialist
 is  shifting  a gear   and  for now is likely to use more diplomacy  and  thus
will seek  to rely much more on Iran as the local policeman along side
Israel. Eisenhower Doctrine was based on the idea of creating an axis
between Israel and Iran to confront the influence of the Soviet imperialism,
Arab nationalism and any potential of workers revolutions.

 For this reason of shifting to diplomacy more deals  are made. The deal
between Hezbollah and Seniora in Lebanon , Israel and Hezbollah, Israel and
Hamas. They are all related to the new  diplomacy toward Iran, a growing
local power in the ME.

However  Iran of today is not the same puppet regime as was  during the Shah
who was installed in power by a military coup in 1953. Iran is much more
independent and has more options like playing on the revelry among the
imperialists .For this reason, even if the US will strike a deal with Iran
it will  still seek ways to topple the regime and replace it with more
obedient servants. Thus' all of these deals are very temporary.


For those who have illusions in Obama in the US this new cease fire may
seems as a step in the right direction. For those who have forgotten, let us
remind them that  the same illusions were spread  during the Oslo agreement.
An agreement that served only Israel and the imperialist who back up the
Israeli state.


The fact that  the Israeli state is weaker now than it was a few years ago
is something only the pro Zionists will  shed   tears.  For  the
international working class it is a good thing. Israeli settlers colonialist
society is a local imperialist power  and the most important   corner stone
of the imperialist order in the region.

 This truce is  not in the service of the Arab masses. There is an old rule
of war: When the enemy is weak it is the best time to fight and win. It is
true of course that in the next few days or weeks the masses in Gaza will be
able to see the sky without fear of new bombs.  It is a repeat of Oslo
agreement.  Today's   truce is giving Olmert and his friends some breathing
space. Not only it is   unlikely to hold for six months, and it will end as
soon as the Israeli ruling class will think  the  Arab masses are in
retreat,  , but this cease fire  does not  include the West bank and thus
the Israeli war against the Palestinians will continue in the West bank as
if it was a different country and not part of the same country from the
river to the sea. Thus this truce is part of the Israeli design of divide
and rule. Not only this,  but   during this cease fire while the US will
provide Israel with new and sophisticated weapons in particular new  war
airplanes , the Egyptian ruling class undertook on itself  to stop weapons
from reaching the Palestinian fighters in Gaza.

This can be changed by the working class in the US that has the power to
prevent the American imperialists from delivering these new weapons  to
Israel. While  the working class in Egypt  can stop the Egyptian government
from stopping the transfer of weapons to the people in Gaza  to defend
themselves. However today  in general the working class in the US lacks
still such  a revolutionary consciousness.

Nevertheless it is important to raise in the US and Europe the demand: No
weapons to Israel! And a the same time to raise in Egypt and the Arab
countries the demand to send weapons to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Clearly Hamas and Hezbollah leadership program that  is based on capitalism
is a program that subordinate the working class and the poor peasants to the
big capital and it   is reaching the point where the masses can begin to see
through it.

These organizations    can not replace the struggle for a socialist
revolution by the  Arab  working class led by a revolutionary party. Only
the working class  has the strength and the interest to transform the
situation from a truce with the Israeli  ruling class to a victory of the
Arab masses led by the Arab working class and its revolutionary party.

For this to happen there is a need to struggle  for a revolutionary working
class party in each state in the Middle East struggling to over throw the
imperialist order  and replace it with the socialist federation of the
Middle East. A federation that will include a Palestinian workers state from
the sea to the river

The only solution is an Arab working class revolution..

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