[Marxism] GUARDIAN: Evo Morales: This European targetingof illegalimmigrants is hypocritical, draconian and undiplomatic

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These two tendencies are prime examples of ultraleftist opposition
to Evo Morales. Same with the Spartacists. Links to all provided.

Walter Lippmann

Jorge Martin posted the links to the IMT positions here:

Here's one example of Socialist Action's campaign against Morales:

Morales was elected on the back of the upsurge against exploitation
by imperialists and local capitalism and landlordism, he is serving
more as a cushion for these interests than as a battering ram against
them. His identification with Cuba and the anti-imperialism of Hugo
Chavez in Venezuela serves him more than his proclaimed international

If the workers and peasants of Bolivia are going to achieve their
aims and counter the backlash of the right, they will need to be able
to get Morales out of the way and find a leadership that genuinely
represents their interests.

Here's the latest from Socialist Action (June 2008):
Morales cannot allow the rightists to erect their own kingdom in the
southeast. But he has not shown any determination to fight them
effectively. From the beginning of his government he has tried to
make an accommodation with them, initially even claiming to favor
autonomy of the prefectures. He made no attempt to mobilize the
indigenous peoples of the lowlands, who occupy many of the oil and
gas-producing areas, to demand their own rights.

He says he relies on the army to defend the integrity of the country.
This is the same army that protected the former neoliberal
presidents, who were overthrown by mass upsurges, and the same army
that was the basis of the Barrientos dictatorship, which liquidated
the gains of the 1952 Bolivian revolution and was rooted above all in
the southeast. And he is trying to reinforce his political authority
by calling a referendum to renew his mandate.

His remedies are like trying to cure a disease with a paralytic
poison. They run directly counter to the only effective means of
fighting the right - that is, mobilizing the poor masses of the
country to take their fate in their own hands by establishing their
own organs of direct democracy and taking full control of the
country's economy.

A bourgeois nationalist, Morales is committed to “Andean capitalism”
and “free trade.” Immediately after his election, he traveled to
Santa Cruz in eastern Bolivia, a center of the country’s business
elite, where he expressed sympathy for their demand for autonomy from
the impoverished western region. He also agreed to privatize El
Mutún, one of the biggest iron mines in the world, and has sought to
cement the bourgeoisie’s allegiance by appointing to his cabinet a
veritable rogues’ gallery of shady businessmen and supporters of his
“neoliberal” predecessors. Thus Morales handed the Ministry of Mines
to one Walter Villarroel, who in a previous stint in the government
played a pivotal role in dismantling the state-owned Bolivian Mining
Corporation (COMIBOL) and privatizing mining operations. Just last
month, workers at Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, the country’s main airline,
who were on strike demanding that the company be nationalized,
clashed with police after Morales ordered military and police forces
to seize control of the country’s airports in order to break the


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