[Marxism] GUARDIAN: Evo Morales: This European targeting of illegalimmigrants

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Jun 21 09:38:30 MDT 2008

Walter, some affectionate advice.

When dealing with a matter of such worldwide progressive significance as the
stands that Morales, Chavez, and  Correa have taken against the European
Union campaign against illegal immigrants, I think it trivializes the real
issue to introduce it by taking a shot against ultralefts, Browderite
Kautskyists, Robertsonite Mensheviks, or whatever.

The importance of this step, which I hope other Latin American leaders will
join, is simply enormous. A bloc of Latin American states defending
immigrant rights, including the elementary human rights of illegal
immigrants which are under attack across the imperialist countries and
especially in the United States, is something the world very much needs now.

This also adds a powerful element into the debates from the Latin American
standpoint over NAFTA and other discriminatory trade agreements.

So let "ultralefts" et al delight to bark and bite.  A political move like
this just highlights their ultimate near-irrelevance.
Fred Feldman

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