[Marxism] CHavez threatens to stop oil to EU over racist immigration policies

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 16:49:57 MDT 2008

The article posted to start this thread said:

> Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened to shut off oil exports to
> European countries that enforce tough new EU rules on illegal immigrants.

The article does not mention the OTHER measure Chávez proposed in
response, which, if adopted, might be more effective. And that is that
countries that expelled Latin American immigrants under the new
directive would be hit with a Venezuelan law expelling their

The measure highlights imperialist hypocrisy in demanding their
commodities, factories and capital be allowed to cross borders freely
-- but not human beings. And I assume it is meant to be taken as a
threat by the Zapatero government in Spain, since Spain is the country
where people from Latin America go -- although I don't know if it has
much in the way of investments in Venezuela.

The petroleum threat isn't necessarily an empty one -- crude oil isn't
perfectly fungible, the receiving refinery has to be set up right to
process the kind of oil being received.


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