[Marxism] Brilliant

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 21 14:35:05 MDT 2008

>From FT 06/18/2008

Investors Pour Funds into Asian Property

The flow of capital into Asian property from outside the region is 
accelerating as a result of the credit crisis in the US, according to a 
report on the sector published today.

Property investment in Asia grew by 27 percent to $121 billion in 2007 and 
continues to build according to the report....by KPMG, the Asia-Pacific Real 
Estate Association, and index provider FTSE.

Investment was evenly allocated over the first and second halves of the 
year, unlike in Europe and North America where investment slowed 
dramatically in the second half.....

Asian real estate investment trusts also outperformed American and European 
counterparts. Credit problems...in the US and Europe mean that investors are 
focusing more on Asia both for long-term returns and opportunistic 

At the same time, banks have become more reluctant to lend for new Asian 
projects, which increases the bargaining power of foreign funds.

"There is no shortage of capital in Asia," said Andrew Weir, one of the 
report's authors.  "There are investment funds that have raised money and 
haven't spent it yet."
And I think this is one more indication of global overproduction which will 
see reduced investment in production capacity in Asia, factory closings, 
cash hoardings, and another real estate bubble.

Capital may not be a 1 trick pony, but sure does stick to the same 

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