[Marxism] CHavez threatens to stop oil to EU over racistimmigration policies

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Sun Jun 22 06:00:50 MDT 2008

From: "Joaquín Bustelo" <jbustelo at gmail.com>
> The measure highlights imperialist hypocrisy in demanding their
> commodities, factories and capital be allowed to cross borders freely
> -- but not human beings. And I assume it is meant to be taken as a
> threat by the Zapatero government in Spain, since Spain is the country
> where people from Latin America go -- although I don't know if it has
> much in the way of investments in Venezuela.

Yes on both points: Spain is where most Latin Americans in Europe end up, 
for what I think are quite obvious cultural reasons, and yes, Spain has 
important investments in Venezuela. Not sure if Zapatero really means to 
implement this directive in that way though, given that in the past he has 
been reasonbly favourable to immigrants' rights, but I guess now that the 
economy is not going so well he might find it more difficult to justify.

> The petroleum threat isn't necessarily an empty one -- crude oil isn't
> perfectly fungible, the receiving refinery has to be set up right to
> process the kind of oil being received.

I suppose so, but I would imagine you could unload the oil in country A, 
move it unrefined to country B where the right industry is, and so on.


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