[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 11:35:49 MDT 2008


Clearly what is missing in Lebanon is a working class revolutionary party.
Any way you look at Hezbollah, it is not  such a party. It was very correct
to stand on the side of the Lebanese masses during the Israeli war against
Lebanon, and this meant  calling for a military block with Hezbollah. I
think you did it and so did I. However this tactic makes sense only from the
perspective of building a revolutionary party in Lebanon,  because Hezbollah
would prefer a deal with the imperialists and their local puppets which he
does now.

I did not refer to you in my political point about Leninism, and I do not
see the reason for you to react in overly sensative way
Yossi Schwartz.

2008/6/22, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>:
> Yossi wrote:
> >The only solution  that will prevent new blood bath  is  a socialist
> >revolution. But for this to happen a working class revolutionary party is
> >essential. This party can be build only through the revolutionary practice
> >of the most advance workers, as Lenin explained so many years ago and his
> >message was lost by many who consider themselves  Marxists,
> Yossi, as a newcomer to Marxmail, you have to learn to avoid such
> Coyoacan-type phrase-mongering. It goes very deeply against the
> ecology of the list. Go ahead and make your political points but
> don't remind us about the need for a revolutionary party, which
> everybody accepts. Making declarations such as this amounts to empty
> rhetoric and wastes bandwidth. It also annoys me to no end since I
> feel like I am being patronized.
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