[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 11:17:44 MDT 2008

Jscotlive at aol.com <Jscotlive%40aol.com>

The struggle of the workers and the peasants against imperialism is
progressive regardless who stand at the head of the masses. Thus,  when
Israel fought against  the masses led by Hezbollah, it was necessary to
block military with Hezbollah against Israel. A the same time to warn the
masses that Hezbollah will betray their struggle in the first chance it will
have. Entering a coalition government with Senoira- a puppet of the
imperialists  against the masses  is such a move.

The only thing that you prove by calling me an ultra left is  that your
position is to the right. Please stay with the subject instead of labeling.

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