[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jun 22 11:26:20 MDT 2008

Yossi writes:

The only solution  that will prevent new blood bath  is  a socialist
revolution. But for this to happen a working class revolutionary party is
essential. This party can be build only through the revolutionary practice
of the most advance workers, as Lenin explained so many years ago and his
message was lost by many who consider themselves  Marxists.

How will a socialist revolution prevent a new bloodbath in Lebanon? Is Yossi
calling for one to occur today, tomorrow, or the day after? Is a socialist
revolution likely to occur without a process that will include bloodbaths by
the ruling class, and by imperialist powers? We can't really promise anybody
"peace in our time" even by verbally tacking a "socialist revolution" and
"working class revolutionary party" onto the present situation.

Yossi seems to be a good-hearted person who really hates all the violence
and vileness of the world, and is even -- in his own way -- more or less
pacifistically on the right side of a lot of the conflicts. But he seems to
have no clue about how much his generalities are a consolation for
powerlessness to change anything in the present situation. 

Utopian calls for God's Kingdom to come to earth that he sees no human force
to provide or prepare except by following his very specific and yet very
general directions, which virtually noone in the world can do or is doing.
Very immediate and categorical -- this is what the "advanced workers" should
have done in the past, must do right now, and, of course, will need to do in
the future, since noone to speak of is going to do it now -- and yet as
vaguely stuck in the indefinite future as the coming of Moshiach`.

"This party can be build only through the revolutionary practice
of the most advance workers." Well, is this "revolutionary practice" taking
place today or not through all the fights taking place today, or all these
conflicts just in the way of the man with the plan. Yossi seems to me to
insist that is what is needed is not any struggle taking place today, but
"revolutionary practice" game-planned by Marxist thinkers to replace all the
existing struggles.

If the fights of today are not "revolutionary practice" -- including the
struggles waged by Hezbollah or the Lebanese Communist Party and
revolutionary Cuba and the people of Iraq and  Somalia and Pakistan etc. --
then no real revolutionary practice exists and none is possible, and Yossi's
"working class revolutionary party" is just as much a millennial fantasy as
his version of "socialist revolution."
Fred Feldman

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