[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 22 14:03:00 MDT 2008

Please demonstrate factually that Hezbollah is committed to the
maintenance of the capitalist system. I do not think that you'll
find it in their literature. They are committed to getting Israel
out of Lebanon, by whatever means they think will work. They are
not committed to socialism, but to nationalism.

Israel is, as you say, weaker than ever, and yet there is so far
as I'm able to tell at this distance, something approximating
ZERO anti-capitalist class consciousness in the Israeli working
class. Perhaps that's something you should think about, reflect
on, and give us some explanation of. I'm not blaming you, but 
I am asking you to face this unpleasant reality and try to give
some accounting for why you think this continues to be. It's not
easy to give up privileges. Sometimes that has to be imposed on
people. Suicide bombers try to get Israelis to understand that
Zionism has costs, but they do so on an individualized basis.

I think it's a matter of racism and privilege. What do you think?

War is the terrorism of the rich. 
Terrorism is the war of the poor.

Walter Lippmann
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
I have no idea why you should have such a great confident in a non
working class leadership whose program is committed to the capitalist
system. Nor do I understand why do you think that Israel can do every
thing its ruling class would like to do. After all it went to a war
to destroy Hezbollah and has failed as you yourself have written..

Let us be clear about one point. In this capitalist system the
working class is paying the price for trusting parties and movements
that are not committed to overthrowing this system. One main
calculation in the mind of leaderships of movements other than the
working class is how not to lose control over the working class.
Today Israel is weaker than it has been for many years, evident by
its readiness to have a cease fire with Hamas. This is the time for
the masses to move forward before the imperialists including the
Israel ruling class will recuperated and open a new war the masses
will pay with their blood for trusting non working class
revolutionary forces.

     Los Angeles, California
     Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
     "Cuba - Un Paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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