[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 12:11:32 MDT 2008


I assume that like me you think that there are material reasons for the on
going situation of Lebanon that has seen a few civil wars and a few
imperialist  occupations. These reasons are rooted in the decay of
capitalism and will continue as long as Lebanon will remain  a third world
capitalist country under the rule of imperialism.

I do not think you mean that it  is in the nature of the Lebanese to kill
each other even though your argument  sound like this.

I do no know how long it will take to build a revolutionary working class
party but I know that Marxists have to struggle for such a party  today or
better already  yesterday.

Revolutions unlike the imperialist propaganda do not mean a lot of blood
shed.  Very few people were killed in the October revolution  of 1917 , that
led to the ending  of   the butchering and horrors  of WWI. I hope you do
not mean to say that Lenin and the Bolsheviks were pacifists for putting an
end to the horrors of the war by a socialist revolution.

 The  river of blood came with the imperialist interventions on the side of
the whites. Was it not for the role of the Social Democrats during the war
and the revolution, the  imperialists would not be able to intervene after
the revolution.

I have no idea why do you think I am a good hearted person or a pacifist,
simply because I do not see any necessity for more blood shed of the masses
for  capitalist profits.

My point. let be clear on it, is that Hezbollah by entering a government
with Seniora – a puppet of the imperialists is betraying the hopes the
masses  and the trust the masses gave them during the many years of struggle
against the Israeli state and such a betrayal will not prevent a  new civil
war. It will only  cause a demoralization of the masses unless a
revolutionary leadership is built  in Lebanon.

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