[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 13:54:19 MDT 2008

*Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting*


I have no idea why you should have such a great confident in a non working
class leadership whose program is committed to the capitalist system. Nor do
I understand why do you think that Israel can do every thing its ruling
class would like to do. After all it went to a war to destroy Hezbollah and
has failed as you yourself have written..

Let us be clear about one point. In this capitalist system the working class
is paying the price for trusting parties and movements that are not
committed to overthrowing  this system. One main calculation in the mind of
leaderships of movements other than the working class  is how not to lose
control  over the working class. Today Israel is weaker than it has been for
many years,  evident by its readiness to have a cease fire with Hamas. This
is the time for the masses to move forward before the imperialists including
the Israel ruling class will recuperated and open a new war the masses will
pay with their blood for trusting non  working class revolutionary forces.

2008/6/22, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>:
> >I did not refer to you in my political point about Leninism, and I do not
> >see the reason for you to react in overly sensative way
> >Yossi Schwartz.
> Let me repeat. Marxmail is not the place to declare the need for a
> revolutionary party in Lebanon or anywhere else. We understand that.
> I must ask you not to do it again, no matter how strong the impulse.
> Nobody else does it, including other members of self-declared
> vanguard groups, and nor should you.
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