[Marxism] Forwarded from Derrick O'Keefe

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jun 22 21:04:04 MDT 2008

Walter includes this paragraph in his write-up of his political 
vacation in Vancouver:

"Unsurprisingly, anything involving the Cuban Revolution and Che
Guevara naturally evoke controversy, including on the political left.
Here's a sample of some of what passes for discussion and debate in
some circles in the Vancouver area. Not very much light is shed there
and a bit of that old-fashioned red-baiting which some on the left
like to engage in rather than argue about politics."


The link that Walter gives is to a thread on a discussion board 
called babble, which is part of rabble.ca, where I'm the editor. The 
discussion board contains a number of forums and is moderated by 
rabble staff and volunteers. People post there from all over, and it 
in no way should be taken as a reflection of the discussion on the 
Vancouver area left. If Walter knew *anything* about the left in 
Vancouver he would know that the group that is hosting him has been 
exposed and discussed endlessly, and is a discredited sectarian group 
whose leader, Ali Yerevani, has a history of violence and 
intimidation against former members and political opponents. You can 
read one of the letters exposing all this, written by the group's 
former second in command, here:


I'm glad to hear the Cubans were taken to Wal-Mart, though - that's 
inspiring stuff!


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