[Marxism] Be careful what you wish for...

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Sun Jun 22 18:51:17 MDT 2008

Be careful what you wish for…

Saturday's *Australian* (the Murdoch national flagship here in Oz) surprised
me by going to print with a serious attack on the new Rudd Govt. There was a
front page headline about "chaos" in his office, a feature article attacking
the abrasiveness of his personal staff and an editorial which called for him
to change his "management style" and his "core team".

I know people who have worked for Kevin Rudd and he is by all accounts a
strange, non-human, demanding, easily exacerbated boss. But none of that is
particularly surprising or newsworthy.  So why the attack on him?

At one level there could be an element of the ruling elites seeking to
maintain tight control over the new Labor Govt.    But I hardly think so.  Rudd
has gone out of his way to demonstrate that he and his team are true and
loyal servants of capital.  The recent Labor budget was practically written
by the banker and rentiers.  Thus it had a huge surplus of over $27 billion
which was hidden away in the so-called Future fund whish in now around
$60bn.  The effect of these huge surpluses is of course to depress the
economy and to hasten the recession that the Reserve bank governor, Glenn
Stevens, is anxious to bring about.

Throughout the Labor Party there is not even the slightest hint of a murmur
of opposition to this economic policy of fighting inflation through
"softening domestic demand" i.e creating a recession.  So to repeat myself -
why the attack on Rudd and his staff? Well I am tempted to think that there
is much more at stake than the rudeness of those who work for Rudd.  The
ruling class has always wished for a loyal, devoted, subservient Labor Party
and in Rudd's government they have achieved that totally and fully.  They
have gotten what they wished for.

However we live in a period where the ruling class do not need  a groveling
toady like Rudd but someone who will take on the capitalists and save them
from themselves.  What capital needs now is another FDR to bring about a
period of financial regulation and fiscal conservativism.

Rudd, who openly boasts about being a "fiscal conservative",  does not have
a clue that this means something other than doing exactly what the Reserve
Bank wants him to.  I suspect strongly that he is confused and bewildered by
the attacks in the *Australian*.  After all he is doing everything that he
has been asked to.

But it would take someone from the ranks of the ruling class to bring about
the kind of reforms that are needed now, or (dare I say it?) a true
revolutionary leader.  Rudd is too anxious to prove his loyalty to coming
close to understanding the need for independent action to bring about even
the mildest of reforms.

So that is what I think is behind the attacks on Rudd.  A sense of
disillusionment with the present government is growing in elite circles and
this disillusionment is rooted in fear of the present economic situation. At
present Rudd's popularity is huge in the suburbs and in rural towns.  But
before long they too will hear their master's voice and then "Kevin 07" will
become very unpopular indeed.


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