[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 23:39:53 MDT 2008

When I wrote that the outlook of the working class is proletarian
internationalism, I meant of course the politically consciousnesses workers.
The nationalism of the working class in imperialist countries may represent
either privileged layer like the labor aristocracy, or a transitional
form  toward
class consciousness.

 In third world countries the nationalism of the oppressed has an anti
imperialist element and it is a transitional form toward
socialist-Internationalist consciousness.

However as interesting are these observations, one thing is clear Hezbollah
is not a working class movement but a populist one.

Speaking about Israel and myself..

Israel is a capitalist society with classes and there is a class struggle.
Some times very militant.  I am a son of a very militant Jewish worker. The
problem is that Israel is a settler colonialists society and thus the
internal contradictions can not developed toward a working class revolution.
This was the same with the white workers of South Africa. However first
there are Palestinian workers  citizens of Israel and in the new(1967)
occupied territories. Secondly we assume that when the Arab workers will be
strong enough and take power in countries like Egypt. A layer of the Jewish
workers will join the Arab workers revolution. On these two factors  we base
our politics.

 Comparing to the refugees or the Palestinian in Gaza I am very privileged
in terms  of shelter, food, car not being shoot at or bombed.

Comparing to the Palestinians middle class citizens of Israel we are more or
less in the same situation. I am a lawyer by profession and I defend the
Palestinians, so I have a pretty good idea of the situation of the

At the same time I have paid a high price for my politics. Among other
things I lost a brother,( he commit suicide because he could not take the
pressures any more)  I had to become a lawyer to survive as I was for years
on the black list, and  I had to leave Israel for years and lived as a de
facto  refugee  and a new immigrant in Canada. I visit from inside the
Israel jails for short periods a few times. No one of my mother family
speaks with me.

Of what I observed Jews in Israel who become Marxists are of communist
background ( The grand or grand parents) and they begin their road by
empathy with the Palestinians. I am 10th generation native to Palestine my
family arrived here in the 1760s for religious sectarian reasons

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