[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 04:32:57 MDT 2008

If we follow your logic than when the communists are small they already have
to liquidate themselves as communists  into the petit bourgeois and
bourgeois forces.

According to this logic that turns Lenin into an ultra leftist, the mistake
of the Communist Party under the Stalinist leadership  in China in 1925-7
was  that it did not  liquidate itself earlier. into the KMT.

Stalinist strategy has a name: "Popular Fronts" and once again I will quote
the transitional program and you of course will reply that material
conditions were different in 1938.

What do you mean by material conditions? I have been thinking so far that
Lenin, Trotsky and we as well live in the same historical epoch of decay of
capitalism. Do you mean that after WWII that the imperialists were able to
launch because of the betrayal of the Social Democracy , The Stalinists, the
centrists like the ILP or the P.O.U.M  -all of them supporting the policy of
the Popular Front, we live now in a different epoch?

The policy of the Popular Front and this is what we are discussing now,  was
used by the Social democracy and the Stalinists after WWII to destroy the
revolutionary working class movement. One of its rotten fruits was the
establishment of the Zionist state.

I find it very interesting that you began your  reply by saying:" I was
privy to a speech by a representative of Hezbollah's political bureau in
Cairo this year. He began by quoting Gramsci" But of course as an educated
politically person he would know and like Gramsci one of the fathers of the
policy of the Popular front much earlier than *Georgi Dimitrov .*

* *

*To paraphrase your analogy it seems to me  that you want to perform  the
abortion of the communist baby before he was born..*


2008/6/23, Jscotlive at aol.com <Jscotlive at aol.com>:
> Yossi:
> The role of working class real communists is to use the Leninist  tactics
> and begin by building the revolutionary nucleus that small as they  are
> keep
> their political and organization independence. To have tactical  specific
> actions with the local forces fighting this or that imperialist, but  not
> to
> turn this tactic into a strategy.
> Reply:
> This is ultra left flummery, I have to say. It is possible to join forces
> and retain your politics. I was privy to a speech by a representative of
> Hezbollah's political bureau in Cairo this year. He began by quoting
> Gramsci. He
> went on to relay an analysis of the current situation that was lucid,
> advanced,
> and anti imperialist. You offer a sectarian way ahead with again is
> completely  out of keeping with the immediate tasks facing all who
> understand that the
> common enemy is imperialism.
> By following Lenin verbatim you betray a lack of Marxist analysis.
> Marx  gave
> us method not conclusion. Lenin's conclusions were arrived at using Marxist
> method applied to material conditions which existed in his time, almost 100
> years ago.
> Yossi:
> On the other hand the strategy   based on the concept of an *on  going anti
> imperialist united front,  *rather than specific common  actions  with
> nationalist
> forces, was behind the defeat of the  communist party in China 1925-7. It
> is
> the result of a theoretical concept of  two stage revolution. First the
> anti
> imperialist where a multi class alliance  under the leadership of the
> bourgeois or the petty bourgeois and than after  this democratic revolution
> in the next historical stage a struggle for  socialism. This is the old
> Menshevik formula that the Stalinists adopted  after Lenin's death. The
> result was not a democratic revolution but the  massacre of the Communists
> by
> the KMT that was presented as an anti  imperialist force.
> Reply:
> Again, you are attempting to impose historical factors onto the present
> verbatim and in total. The balance of foces between the communist forces
> in  China
> and bourgeois anti-imperialist forces in 1927 were far different
> from  those
> which obtain in southern Lebanonand the entire Middle East today. In 1927
> that the KMT had become a brake on the historical advance of the Chinese
> proletariat, which was ready to assert its dominance and take
> the  revolution forward
> beyond its bourgeois tasks. This is where an understanding of  material
> conditions is absolutely essential. In your analysis, to  paraphrase
> Trotsky, you
> are mistaking the second month of pregnancy for the  ninth.
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