[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 23 07:08:09 MDT 2008

yossi schwartz wrote:
> The policy of the Popular Front and this is what we are discussing now,  was
> used by the Social democracy and the Stalinists after WWII to destroy the
> revolutionary working class movement. One of its rotten fruits was the
> establishment of the Zionist state.

Yossi, since you are new to the list you might not be completely aware 
of our ground-rules. This is from the Marxmail website:


 >>MODERATION PRINCIPLES: The Marxism mailing list is extremely 
permissive. There are a couple of things that are frowned upon strongly. 
If you come to the list with the attitude that you are a true Bolshevik, 
who needs to convert 'Mensheviks' to your beliefs, you will be unsubbed. 
Members of self-declared vanguard parties who can adjust to the tolerant 
atmosphere of the list are more than welcome, since they usually bring 
with them years of Marxist study and political experience. We also 
welcome non-Marxists who come to the list in a respectful attitude, 
desiring to learn more. However, if you have decided for yourself that 
Marxism is wrong and that your purpose on the list is to struggle to 
convince others of that, you should not subscribe. The Internet has many 
forums where Marxists and anti-Marxists can debate. This is not one of them.

We also exclude fights over whether Trotsky, Stalin or Mao, etc. 
represent the true continuity with Marx, Engels and Lenin. A search for 
such pedigrees tends inevitably to degenerate into sterile scholasticism 
and flame wars.<<

As somebody who is clearly approaching this mailing list in the same 
exact fashion as you approach politics off the Internet, you might 
wonder why I insist on suppressing chit-chat about the need for a 
revolutionary party, whether Stalin or Trotsky was right, etc. These are 
obviously topics that are burning up the pages of small newspapers of 
the left.

Unfortunately, these topics soon lead to flame wars and people unsubbing 
in disgust. I have been involved with Marxism mailing lists on the 
Internet since 1993 and have long experience with this. When I launched 
Marxmail in 1998, I resolved to put this kind of debate behind us. Now 
you may not agree with my decision, but you are going to have to learn 
to abide by it.

Go ahead and make your political points about Cuba, Hezbollah or 
whatever. But you are going to have leave the Stalin-Trotsky, crisis of 
leadership stuff behind.

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