[Marxism] Walter's charge of violence-baiting

Derrick O'Keefe sankara83 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 23 11:10:07 MDT 2008

Just quickly, in response to Walter's charge that I sent a "violence-baiting" note: The acts of violence, threats and intimidation carried out by the leader of the Vancouver political organization Fire This Time are well documented facts. 
This was the "charge" I made, not that the particular Cuba conference organized by one of their front groups would be the scene of any violence. That I chose to attend the talk by Isaac Saney at the Che conference does not in any way change the facts about Fire This Time.
Anyone not familiar with the facts here can do a quick google search or read the letter circulated to marxmail some months ago by Ivan Drury: 
Walter wrote: 
"Louis posted Derrick O'Keefe's violence-baiting note aboutthe group which sponsored the recently-held Che Guevara conference here in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.Louis did not attend the conference, and presumably did notknow one incongruous fact about O'Keefe's wacko attacko:GUESS WHAT? Derrick O'Keefe paid admission and attended the Che conference!O'Keefe must not have been worried about any violence, since hepersonally came to the event, a point omitted from the account which was posted by Louis."
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