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(The international media wrote that Fidel took on Yoani Sanchez in this
preface, though without naming her specifically, and he certainly does.

(In addition, he takes up other cases of supposed Cuban dissidents who
were shown to be simply opportunistic people who wanted to make money
from their pretenses of being political critics of the Cuban Revolution.

(This also features a terrific discussion of the origins of the famous
Henry Reeve Contingent in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as well
as Che Guevara's experiences in Bolivia. A great stand-alone commentary.)

by Fidel Castro

The book FIDEL, BOLIVIA Y ALGO MAS was given me as gift by President of
Bolivia Evo Morales during his last visit to Cuba, on May 22, 2008.

We do not pretend to be a model for the construction of socialism,
but we do hope to set an example in the defence of the right to
construct it.

Consider these concrete examples of the empire's cynicism:

A terrorist is sent to jail, the explosives in his possession are
confiscated and the needed evidence is gathered for his trial. He is
sentenced to a number of years in prison. He declares himself
physically unable to move. The Central Intelligence Agency is behind
the scheme. They write verses for him, publish a book of poems and
present him to the world as a disabled poet denied medical attention.
He is such a good faker that he manages to deceive even the jail
officials. They confuse and deceive international public opinion
through their media, and there is no special envoy representing
"Western democracy" who does not call for the release of the disabled
poet, even though the medical doctors had assured them there was
absolutely nothing wrong with him physically.

Confronted with the truth, a video recording of his intense, daily
exercises in places that had gone unnoticed by the prison wardens,
before the request advanced by a powerful European country could be
replied to, he sprung up and twenty four hours later caught a plane,
and walked, accompanied by the last European emissary to meet with
him, towards the paradise of democracy and abundance. A position as a
public official of the empire, at an international human rights
institution, awaited him. That was the price Cuba, facing the United
States' brutal blockade, had to pay the bourgeois governments so that
they would maintain economic relations with our country.

Cubans have the privilege of being born in a country which, thanks to
the Revolution, was the first to reach the Millennium Development
Goals in the area of education: everyone knows how to read and write.
There are no children with disabilities, no deaf-mutes, visually
impaired or blind people, who are denied medical assistance.
Educational and health services combine to protect and encourage them
to overcome the challenges with which they were born.

An alleged counterrevolutionary author with narrative and
communication skills need not go to the trouble of getting books
printed or looking for a market. For the imperialist intelligence
agencies, it is enough that he invents any dramatic thing and blame
the Revolution for it. He will have money and fame. His works will
earn him awards and will be divulged ad libitum. It is a gross insult
to our intelligence.

Cuba trains athletes, earns more gold medals per capita than any
other nation in the world, makes sports accessible to everyone to
promote the health of its citizens. Wealthy countries hunt down these
athletes and offer them all the money in the world, to gather players
and fill their teams with naturalized athletes with native, mixed
blood or black skins which in no way recall their supposedly superior

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the head of a rehabilitation centre,
thinking Cuba would soon follow, sought to become the owner of the
institution, as some of her colleagues there had done. Her intentions
were unmasked and she was dismissed. She invented the theory that she
was dismissed because she opposed the use of human stem cells in
genetic research. She had never spoken a word about that. A son of
hers, a medical doctor, hardly the brilliant type according to his
employment record, worked with her at the centre. He violated ethical
norms that prohibit sexual relations with patients or accompanying
parties. Morally dubious, he migrated to the mother's country of
origin, where he became the renowned physiotherapist of high
officials. The empire couldn't ask for better material to blackmail
Cuba with!

Her request to travel abroad was turned down. We cannot give in to
blackmail, that was our decision.

It was as a result of those first combats, during that unequal
battle, that, seeing the enemy bombs fall on peasant homes, 
I realized that the struggle against the empire was to become 
my true destiny.

I recalled the martyr of Dos Rios, our national independence hero,
José Martí, and I recalled Che when, in recent days, I read a cable
published by the special envoy of NOTIMEX, dated May 26, which quoted
the declarations of a young Cuban who had requested permission to
travel and collect one of the many awards imperialism hands out to
keep the waterwheel turning:

"(…) If Cuban authorities thought that denying me permission to
travel to receive the award was some kind of punishment, I must say
it has been far from dramatic.

"I spent that day here at home, with my family and friends, who
awarded me a symbolic scroll I had made myself (...)

"I buy an Internet card, which costs between 5 and 7 dollars, to send
out my texts (...)

"I am not in the opposition, I don't have a political program, 
I don't have a political hair in my body, and that is a characteristic
of my generation and today's world: people no longer define
themselves as left or right. These are increasingly obsolete

"I do not belong nor have I ever belonged to a political
organization. I was never a member of the Young Communists League, I
never tried to join the Communist Party. I was a Pioneer because all
of us, until the age of 16, had no choice but to be a Pioneer (...)

"My blog has a record of horrifying comments that startle me (…)

"I won't enjoy social insurance or a pension when I'm old, but this
gives me economic independence. I give foreigners Spanish lessons and
work as a tourist guide in my city. I speak German very well. That's
how I make a living".

Comments of this nature, which are immediately spread by the
imperialist media, are not the true danger. What's dangerous is to
make slogans out of generalizations, or, what's worse, that there are
young Cubans who think this way, special envoys who weaken Cuba
internally, whose journalistic work recalls the neo-colonial press of
the old Spanish metropolis, which today awards these efforts.

Party members are the ones who have assumed the greatest number of
sacrifices, both inside and outside Cuba. They assume as a duty what
others see as a mere option. That is what the people demonstrate when
they vote for the candidates who aspire to be delegates of the
People's Power Assembly. Marti created a Party to lead the Revolution
before Lenin did. That is the reason we were not annexed by the
United States. That is the reason Cuba, with its roots and culture,

Further proof of the confusion and the deceit sown by imperialism was
the declaration of a renowned Brazilian singer, made the same day the
above cable was published:

"If we speak about how rights and the questions of freedom and
respect towards individuals are observed in the two countries, I am
one hundred percent on the side of the United States and not of

A European news agency reported that the musician justified the
inclusion of a new piece, Bahia de Guantánamo, in his live
repertoire, which he performed in Rio de Janeiro following the
scandal sparked off by the human rights violations perpetrated
against those who had been detained on charges of terrorism.

"Were I a typical pro-Cuban and anti-US leftist, I would feel no
disappointment about what happened in the jails of Guantanamo", the
singer declared.

In a nutshell: the Brazilian singer asked the empire to forgive him
for criticizing the atrocities perpetrated in that naval base that
operates on occupied Cuban soil.



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