[Marxism] New at Climate and Capitalism, June 15-23

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Mon Jun 23 09:55:19 MDT 2008

An online journal focusing on capitalism, climate change,
and the ecosocialist alternative.

WHAT'S NEW at http://www.climateandcapitalism.com
June 15-23, 2008

Thirteen Science Academies Urge Fundamental Social Change
*Joint Statement from 13 national science
academies to the coming G8 meeting in Japan*

Statistics, Damned Lies, and the Financial Post
Bizarre claims by Canada's leading source of
misinformation on climate change

'Accelerated climate change' destroying Australia's food bowl
Parts of Australia's key Murray-Darling river
food bowl may be beyond recovery

Essential information on carbon trading
Key documents and presentations from the *very best source
of analysis and comment on global carbon trading *

Nationalize big oil, enemy of people and planet
Dick Nichols of the Australian Socialist Alliance on
how to overcome the oil price crisis

Should ecosocialists try to live green?
*A discussion at the climate conference in London*

Comments on the Second Ecosocialist Manifesto
… and on some key issues facing the ecosocialist
movement today

June 15: Wat Tyler Day
Honoring a revolutionary peasant hero. Includes
a musical tribute by Fairport Convention

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