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For Immediate Release
June 23, 2008

-- (San Francisco) Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Joins Cindy
for Congress as Honorary Co-Chair as No-Strings Occupation and War
Funding, Telecom Immunity Bills Are Ushered Through
Democrat-controlled Congress

McKinney: "The point was to change Washington, DC, but instead
Washington, DC changed Nancy Pelosi"

As a sign of tightening opposition to the string of hope-reversing
policies being put forward by Speaker Pelosi, Green Party
Presidential and pro-peace candidate Cynthia McKinney agreed to serve
as an Honorary Co-Chair of Cindy Sheehan's campaign to oust Nancy
Pelosi from Congress. "Nancy Pelosi needs to phone home, because it's
clear that she's forgotten the values of the people of California who
sent her to Congress. The point was to change Washington, DC, but
instead Washington, DC changed Nancy Pelosi," commented McKinney, a
former colleague of Pelosi.

McKinney first declared her independence from the national leadership
that voted its complicity in war crimes, torture, crimes against
humanity, and crimes against the peace at an anti-war demonstration
in front of the Pentagon in March of 2007. At that time, McKinney
lamented that the Democratic majority in Congress had failed to
repeal the Patriot Acts and the Bush tax cuts, introduce and pass
legislation for a livable wage and investigate the Pentagon's
admitted "loss" of $2.3 trillion. McKinney bolted the Democratic
Party afterwards, declaring her candidacy for the Green Party's
nomination in December 2007. Today, McKinney adds to that list
Democratic leadership's failure to pass legislation providing for a
single payer health care system in our country and its inaction on
the foreclosure crisis gripping homeowners.

McKinney first publicly endorsed Cindy's Congressional campaign last
year in Kennebunkport, Maine near the home of George Herbert Walker
Bush. According to McKinney, "Cindy's campaign is increasingly
important today as the only way left to put peace, impeachment, and
our values back on the table." McKinney added, "Cindy continues to
show us the power of one, the power that is within every one of us.
Moreover, Cindy Sheehan can win."

"Having Cynthia on board is a significant gain for my campaign. She
has experience in tough campaigns and brings a wealth of knowledge.  
I am running to win, we have already raised close to $200,000 and
everyday we get more and more support as people get more fed up with
Pelosi's mis-leadership," says Sheehan.

Since the Democrats assumed control of Congress, according to some
reports, an additional 1,200 U.S. troops have died and nearly 10,000
more have been wounded, with tens of thousands more Iraqi civilians
killed. Hundreds of billions of additional dollars have been
appropriated for war and occupation under Pelosi's watch and she took
impeachment "off the table." Both Cindy and Cynthia are members of
the New Broom Coalition, founded by Dr. Carol Wolman, the California
Green Party's First Congressional District candidate, a Coalition
that seeks to empower the people by putting a clean sweep to

Currently, McKinney is preparing to head to Chicago for the Green
Party Convention July 10 - July 13. Sheehan is anchored in San
Francisco campaigning for the first hurdle of collecting 10,198
signatures needed to get on the ballot in November as a " Decline to
State / Independent" candidate.

More information is available at www.CindyForCongress.org or


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