[Marxism] US may open diplomatic outpost in Iran to support opposition

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Jun 23 20:00:56 MDT 2008

Has the ring of a provocation, but there is also a lot of pressure on to
deal with Iran.
Fred Feldman

US may open diplomatic outpost in Iran
3 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Associated Press has learned that the Bush
administration is considering setting up a diplomatic outpost in Iran in
what would be a dramatic official U.S. return to the country nearly 30 years
after the American embassy in Tehran was overrun and the two nations severed

Diplomatic and political officials said Monday that the administration is
floating the idea of opening a U.S. interests section in Tehran similar to
the one the State Department runs in Havana.

Like the one in communist Cuba, an interest section - or de facto embassy -
in the Iranian capital would give the United States a presence on the ground
through which it can communicate directly to students, dissidents and others
without endorsing the government.

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