[Marxism] Is Israel going to release Samir Kuntar?

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Tue Jun 24 02:05:24 MDT 2008

The last war of Israel against Lebanon began after Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad
Regev, two Israeli army  reservists, were abducted  by the Lebanese guerilla
group- Hezbollah during a cross-border raid on July 12, 2006.

While this was not the reason for the war, it was the justification for the
war that one of the main declared reasons for it   was to release the
abducted solders.

 The real reason for  this war was The US decision to help the puppet
government of Fuad Seniora backed by imperialism against the  mass
opposition  of the workers and the poor led by the populist Hezbollah..

A few days ago  the Israelis were informed that Israel and  Hezbollah are
close to a deal to trade the two missing soldiers for Lebanese prisoner  Samir
Kuntar, who is serving 542 years for a 1979 attack that left four Israelis
dead in Nahariya a city near the border.

In Israel Samir Kuntar is presented as the embodiment  of pure evil while in
Lebanon he is considered a hero.

 Kuntar is a Lebanese Druze  who was born in 1962 . He  was 16 years old
when he crossed into Israel by boat with three other militants in the
guerrilla raid organized by the Palestine Liberation Front. During the raid
four Israelis were killed. One policeman, a 28 years old man and his young
daughter and another baby that were suffocated to death by her mother in an
attempt to make her quiet.

In letters Kuntar smuggled out of Israeli jails, he acknowledged he took
part in the raid, but denied that he killed any civilians. The Israeli
military court system is nutritious for procedural and substantial
unfairness even according to bourgeois principles of law and these letters
have more weight than the court verdict.

He is the best-known and longest serving Lebanese prisoner in Israel, but
he's not the only one Israel has been routinely  kidnapping  Lebanese
civilians again.


Why should a Druze joined a raid   against Israel?

The public memory is manipulated and the connection between the 1979
guerrilla operation and the occupation and the destruction of many villages
in South Lebanon, one year earlier has been lost.

On March 14, 1978, Israel launched Operation Litani, occupying the area
south of the Litani River. It intervened in the civil war that began in 1975
to push  the PLO away from the border with Israel, and to support  Israel's
ally at the time, the South Lebanon Army. The Lebanese government estimated
that during the 7-day offensive, 285,000 refugees were created ,1,100-2,000
Lebanese were killed, almost all civilians. Several Lebanese peasants were
strangled  by Israeli solders and prisoners were executed.

It was only a prelude to the invasion of 1982 and among other things  to the
mass murder of the refugees in Sabara and Satiala.

One of the causalities of the Israeli war against the Lebanese is  Ron Arad
an air force navigator who was captured in 1986 by Amal.

In the first year there were  negotiation between Israel and Nabih Berri,
the leader of Amal organization who held him. At this time Hezbollah was not
born as yet. It will ocme to be as result of the 1982 occupation of Lebanon
by Israel.  The  Israeli Government at that time led by the far right Shamir
once the leader of terrorist organization  Lehi (The  National Military
Organization) decided that the price is too high.

In 2003 Israel agreed to release around 400 prisoners in exchange for a
narcotic  businessman Elchanan Tenenbaum who is a high officer (reservist)  and
a close friend of the former Prime Minister Sharon. The deal included  the
bodies of three soldiers held by Hezbollah since 2000.

Israel agreed to release Samir Kuntar on condition that Hezbollah provided
"solid evidence" as to the fate of Ron Arad.

Since Israel claimed that  Hezbollah never provided any solid information
about Arad, Israel  did not release  Kuntar.

A few days ago we were informed that Israel and Hexbollah have reached a
deal that will include the Kuntar Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev

However this Monday the Israel army  announced that a procedure had begun
that could lead to a declaration that two Israeli soldiers captured by
Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas two years ago are dead and there fore the all
agreement is void.


The Israeli army 's statement said all the information about the soldiers,
Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, has been transferred to the chief military
rabbi, Brigadier General Avichai Ronsky, who will determine whether they
will be declared as "killed in action."

It is unclear whether the two are still alive or have been death for close
to two years. One thing is clear that the Israeli government decided that
the price it has to pay for these two solders is too   high. This was not a
calculation the State of Israel did when it came to the drug dealer and the
high officer Elchanan Tenenbaum

This is not going very well with most Israelis in particular those whose
members of their families serve or will have to serve in the Israeli army..

In 1948 the Zionist created the myth of the officer who runs in front of the
solders. For years the Israeli  state has been  destroying this myth, and
this last  affair is an important element in the destruction of this myth.
This will have an effect on its army- it will weaken it. Already 25% of the
youth finds ways not to serve in the army.   The weaker the Israeli army it
is better for the international working class and for the Arab working class
revolution. We should never forget that  Israel was formed most of all as an
obstacle to the working class revolution in the region.

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