[Marxism] The finishing touches on several contingency plans for attacking Iran

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The Coming Catastrophe?
The finishing touches on several contingency  plans for attacking Iran 
Global  Research, June 23, 2008

David DeBatto is a former U.S. Army  Counterintelligence Special Agent, Iraqi 
war veteran and co-author the "CI"  series from Warner Books and the upcoming 
"Counter to Intelligence" from Praeger  Security International. 
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If the United States attacks Iran either  this summer or this fall, the 
American people had better be prepared for a shock  that may perhaps be even 
greater to the national psyche (and economy) than 9/11.  First of all, there will be 
significant U.S. casualties in the initial invasion.  American jets will be 
shot down and the American pilots who are not  killed will be taken prisoner - 
including female pilots. Iranian  Yakhonts 26, Sunburn 22 and Exocet missiles 
will seek out and  strike U.S. naval battle groups bottled up in the narrow 
waters of the Persian  Gulf with very deadly results. American sailors will be 
killed and U.S.  ships will be badly damaged and perhaps sunk. We may even 
witness the  first attack on an American Aircraft carrier since World War II.  

That’s just the opening act.
Israel (who had thus far stayed out of the  fray by letting the U.S. military 
do the heavy lifting) is attacked by Hezbollah  in a coordinated and large 
scale effort. Widespread and grisly casualties  effectively paralyze the nation, 
a notion once thought impossible. Iran’s newest  ally in the region, Syria, 
then unleashes a barrage of over 200 Scud B, C and D  missiles at Israel, each 
armed with VX gas. Since all of Israel is within range  of these Russian built 
weapons, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and virtually all  major civilian centers 
and several military bases are struck, often with a  result of massive 
The Israeli Air Force orders all three  squadrons of their F-16I Sufa 
fighter/bombers into the air with orders to  bomb Tehran and as many military and 
nuclear bases as they can before they are  either shot down or run out of fuel. 
It is a one way trip for some of these  pilots. Their ancient homeland lies in 
ruins. Many have family that is already  dead or dying. They do not wait for 
permission from Washington, DC or U.S.  regional military commanders. The 
Israeli aircraft are carrying the majority of  their country’s nuclear arsenal 
under their wings.
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(http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=9437) >

"The  world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are 
evil, but  because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert  

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