[Marxism] Is Lebanon on the verge of a new fighting?

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If we leave aside the rigid and formulaic manner that Yossi , we can 
certainly look at the history, recent and not so recent, of parties and 
organizations offering resistance to advanced capitalism on a national, or 
religious, or popular, but not class specific basis.  And I think it would 
be quite correct to draw the conclusion that if those organizations don't 
change, or are not dramatically changed by their most conscious, left-wing 
elements,  and adopt such a class specific basis, then they do become if not 
obstacles and enemies,  then certainly drags on the struggle.

We need only look, for example, at Arafat and the PLO.   We can look further 
back to the MNR in Bolivia.

Certainly the task is not to simply condemn those organizations, but to 
recognize their limitations and what needs to be done to support and advance 
the movement beyond those limitations.

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