[Marxism] Cynthia McKinney on bipartisan bill to gut Fourth Amendment

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Wed Jun 25 06:27:39 MDT 2008


On Friday, June 20, the House of Representatives voted to support a bill
granting immunity from the law to telecommunications companies involved in
illegal spying.

Cindy Sheehan, independent candidate for U.S. Congress in Nancy Pelosi's 8th
district (San Francisco), called it a "death blow" to the Fourth Amendment
and urged all supporters of civil liberties to join her on June 24 in San
Francisco for a "Funeral for the Fourth Amendment."

Cynthia McKinney, presidential candidate of the Power to the People
Committee, sent remarks in support of Cindy Sheehan Fourth Amendment Burial
March [SEE BELOW].

The FISA Amendments Act of 2008, as it is called, is said to be a
"bipartisan compromise" between extremes. It is nothing of the sort. It is
an overt capitulation to the phone companies' and White House's demands. It
gives a seal of approval on the President's illegal spying program. It is a
betrayal of the values enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

One day earlier, on Thursday, June 19, the House approved the largest-war
spending bill to date, caving in to George W. Bush's call for $162 billion
in war funding with no strings attached and giving his successor enough
money to wage the wars until July 2009.

Sure, there's GI benefits and unemployment funding contained in the omnibus
package. But the bottom line is this: A Democratic majority in Congress
voted to continue Bush's policies of war, corporate greed, and empire.

Numerous postings on the website of the Connecticut Democrats over the
weekend lamented these two recent votes by House Democrats. "Please, someone
convince me otherwise," one Democratic Party activist wrote in. "Tell me we
have an opposition party. Or is it all a bad dream?"

The simple truth is that there is NO opposition party in the United States.

In November 2006, the American people -- believing that the Democratic Party
was committed to peace -- voted in a Democratic Party majority to the
Congress. True to form, the Democratic Party failed to deliver peace. True
to form, the Democratic Party has failed to implement single-payer
healthcare or to repeal the Patriot Act and the Bush tax cuts -- to mention
just two of the many pressing demands sought by the American people.

Earlier this year, Senator Barack Obama opposed the telecom amnesty bill.
But last week, he caved in to the right-wing pressures and announced his
support for the bill, arguing that the American people may have to give up
basic constitutional rights to save ourselves from "the grave threats we

Doesn't this sound awfully similar to what we've heard from Bush and Cheney?
Is this the kind of "change" that the American people are hoping to obtain
through an Obama presidency?

No. It's not a bad dream. The United States needs an opposition party.
Cynthia McKinney's Power to the People campaign seeks to advance the
struggle for such a party -- one led by activists in the Black Liberation
Movement and rooted in the struggles of the most oppressed. This campaign
seeks to build a fightback movement in support of the demands of the
working-class majority in this country, demands that are betrayed every day
by the Democratic Party.

But to be able to deliver its message, the Power to the People Committee
needs your support.

With your help, the Committee can achieve its goal of raising the $100,000
in 20 states needed by July 12th to obtain the federal matching funds.
Please go to the campaign website today (http://www.runcynthiarun.org) and
make as generous a donation as you can.

Please help put the Power to the People campaign on every ballot possible
nationwide -- so that it can provide a genuine alternative to the
No-Impeachment, Illegal-Spying, Pro-War parties and their candidates. Thanks
in advance for your contribution to this effort. -- Alan Benjamin


Cynthia McKinney Remarks
In support of Cindy Sheehan's 4th Amendment Burial March June 24, 2008

Last week, Nancy Pelosi helped deal a double blow to Democratic Party
grassroots supporters and to the U.S. Constitution itself.  On Thursday,
June 19, George Bush got another $162 billion from the Congress for war and
occupation.  On Friday, June 20, Nancy helped Bush give immunity to
telecommunications companies that helped him spy on us!

Fannie Lou Hamer of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party remarked that
she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  And she did something about
it by standing up at the Democratic Party Convention that routinely had
accepted all-white, non-representative state delegations from the South.

Well, I'm sick and tired and outraged, too.  And I'm doing something about

Cindy Sheehan is my choice for Congress. 

Nancy thinks that by November you will have forgotten about all of this.
Don't forget!  Remember--in November!

Vote Cindy!  Vote Cynthia!

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