[Marxism] LA Times poll and Nader's support

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 19:27:46 MDT 2008

Joaquin is finding a mystery here where there really isn't one.

The difference is that Nader's position on the war, civil liberties,
etc. is rather a traditional constitutionalist stance.  We, as
Marxists, have always argued that these gains of the eighteenth
century revolutions should be defended.  Clinton, Bushling, McCain and
Obama are in favor of jettisoning those features of constitutional
government they see as hindrances or potential hindrances to the
ongoing concentration of power in the hands of the corporate state.
They are so eager to do this that they may even be in the process of
hiring a black salesman for the process.

Does that make our job more difficult?  ABSOLUTELY. I'd love to be
convinced to support Obama, but I keep asking myself whether we really
want to have any responsibility for an Obama administration that will
assuredly dash the aspirations of those legions of his well-meaning

For us, too, this is a choice of lesser evils in terms of explaining
our politics.

Would you rather have to explain why you support Nader or McKinney in 2008?

Or would you rather have to explain why you elected a black Clintonian in 2009?


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