[Marxism] Turks and American Indians

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 00:39:57 MDT 2008

The first modern humans had language of some sort and, obviously,
understood each other.  And that's all of us.

But language changes...a lot...and quickly.  Especially when you're
experiencing major changes in the technology and culture around you.
Or when migrations bring you into entirely new circumstances.
Vocabulary shifts constantly, and so do basic rules of grammar, though
they takes longer.

An Elizabethan play is still comprehensible if we concentrate, but
it's only centuries.  A bit further to Old English and anyone without
some training in it is lost.

And what you're talking about here is tens of thousands of years.  The
real wonder is not that there are so many differences but that there
seems to be some underlying similarities at all.


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