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For a contrary view, see the following:

"Gil and his group will mostly being playing songs from their latest
album, "Banda Larga Cordel.'' Many of those songs explore this theme
of achieving artistic and cultural freedom through the spread of
information via advanced communications technology.

The International Music Network reports further that:

The great novelty of the Banda Larga Summer Tour 2008 is really the
set list. Whereas the previous tour was created around the greatest
hits, this time Gilberto Gil will play a new collection of songs such
as "Banda Larga Cordel", "Não grude não" and other more recent
compositions, many of them inspired by th[e] theme [of] Gil's
irreversible engagement with the new rules and compasses of the
universe of bits and bytes, embracing all of the risks and challenges,
and by his new experiences around this theme that fascinates him so
much. The only major artist of his generation to retain complete
control over his intellectual works, Gilberto Gil intends to interact
with his audience and provoke interaction." [...]

Full: <http://www3.arts.umich.edu/lounge/viewtopic.php?t=160>

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