[Marxism] Bolton: Israel 'will attack Iran' beforenewUSpresident in office, especially if it's Obama

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Thu Jun 26 07:20:59 MDT 2008

First off, I don't have to explain every single incident by  a one size fits 
all theory.  Marxism is not a formula.

Secondly how do I explain Vietnam?  You got it wrong.  You're the one who 
claims war leads to recession and you are claiming that it does in the short 
run.  So you need to explain why it took so long for a recession to hit the 
US after the initiation of direct combat action by the US in Vietnam.

You are the one who needs to explain the fact that the recovery of the US 
from the 1959 recession correlates (not caused I guess) coincides with 
increased US military actions in SE Asia, expanding to include the 

You are the one who needs to explain the initiation of Gulf War 1 & 2 from 
an economic, social basis if you think war causes recession and is inimical 
to the interests of capital.  And just for laughs, you might try explaining 
WW 2 without reference to either cause or correlation in the world 

No, OPEC 1, 2 did not produce a "big war," unless of course, you happen to 
consider class war a big war.  I personally consider class war to be a big 
war, so I think the actions after the OPEC spikes, like Chile 1973, like 
Argentina, like the funding and arming of the anti-Soviets in Afghanistan, 
like the "lost decade" that drove living standards in Mexico, and throughout 
Latin America back below levels achieved in the 1960s, brought Thatcher and 
Reagan to power to dismantle fixed assets and workers' organization, led to 
Jaruzelski in Poland and destruction of a workers movement in favor of 
Catholic led capitalism, that debilitated the remnants of the Russian 
Revolution and pushed Vietnam and China into "globalization,"   and more, to 
be a pretty big war.  A war, unfortunately, in which workers have suffered a 
series of big defeats.

As for the cold war..... come on, the only reason that didn't lead to the 
biggest war was the fact that the Soviets had nuclear capabilities.  And 
anticipating your next question-- 1. Russia is no longer Soviet  and 2. It 
still has nuclear capability.

Try and deal with the original issues, and original response provided. 
Hopscotching around history, cherry-picking "counter-examples" adds nothing 
to understanding;.

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