[Marxism] ACN: Salvador Allende Remembered on Hundredth Birth Anniversary

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Salvador Allende Remembered on Hundredth Birth Anniversary

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 26 (acn) Thursday marks the 100th anniversary of the 
birth of former Chilean President Salvador Allende (1908-1973), a dear 
friend of Cuba who will be remembered for his determined battle against 

Allende, founder of the Socialist Party of Chile, dedicated his fruitful 
life to the struggle for the wellbeing of his people, first as a medical 
doctor and later as a senator and finally as president of the Popular 
Unity Government, reads the article on Granma daily.

His exemplary attitude took him to the nation’s highest office, where he 
died on September 11, 1973, during the coup perpetrated by traitors 
backed by Washington.

His stature and the revolutionary process begun by Popular Unity in 
Chile awoke profound sympathies and interest around the world, which 
became the seeds that today have germinated in a freer and more 
independent Latin America.

Salvador Allende lives on in the dreams and hopes of the people; and he 
continues to untiringly call for unity. 

June 26, 2008

Allende Returns to LatAm, Alarcon

Santiago, Chile.- Latin America lives a new period in which Salvador
Allende is back, Cuban Peoples' Power National Assembly President
Ricardo Alarcon said Thursday. In his article "Salvador on my
memory," published in the "Punto Final" magazine's special edition on
occasion of Allende's 100th birth anniversary, the Cuban legislator
stated "we would not have reached this point without the sacrifice
and altruism of men like him." Alarcon stressed "Latin America is
making a comeback, shrugging off exploitation and the vassalage it
has suffered for centuries." "Nobody could overcome him in
parliamentary debates, or beat him with ideas and arguments, or
ignore his convictions and total devotion to his people, the poor,
and humble," he noted.

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