[Marxism] Bolton: Israel 'will attack Iran' before new USpresident in office, especially if it's Obama

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Jun 27 06:20:29 MDT 2008

Marvin Gandall wrote:
BTW, I continue to patiently wait for you to identify and quote
representatives of the "significant" faction which is calling for war with
Iran. We seem to be stuck at Cheney.

Fred comments:
You are waiting patiently because you refuse to count the roughly 250
members of the House and Senate who are calling for a US -- not UN -- naval
blockade of Iran. These people, in your view, have no relationship at all to
the US ruling class.

This measure is currently sailing toward approval in both the House and
Senate in short order. That is what will happen if some significant sector
of the ruling class does not put its foot down.

What about John McCain? Do you seriously believe he is just a mad
right-winger with no relationship to the US ruling class?

And do you seriously believe that Barack Obama will not back a naval
blockade if it is launched before or after the election?

You believe your calculations -- which may or may not prove accurately
predictive -- weigh more than what is actually happening now. This is
NOTHING but preaching complacency.

Frankly, the relationship of forces is like God. It helps those who help
themselves. The idea that your calculation of the relationship of forces can
prevent war is idealism. War is partly about changing the relationship of
forces. It does not simply reflect it at a given moment.

Again, your approach to the relationship of forcees is passive, complacent.

Personally I am glad that there is an antiwar conference this weekend in
Cleveland. It's narrow but as big as all outdoors compared to what usually
takes place in election years. The class struggle is not decided by the
relationship of forces but most fundamentally by the class struggle, which
on either side can modify the relationship of forces.
Fred Feldman

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