[Marxism] The Bing Bang Theory

Pance Stojkovski pance at rogers.com
Fri Jun 27 06:30:03 MDT 2008

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From: yossi schwartz

> I do not know where this line of not taking 
> position about science is coming from? 
> Did Marx or Engles not take position for example 
> on Darwin's theory?

OK - so now we have some self-described Marxists who support the Big Bang
model because it is in line with materialist philosophy and other
self-described Marxists who think it is idealist and a tool of the
bourgeoisie. Where does this leave MARXISM? (I was going to say "official
Marxism", but for better or worse, there's no such thing as "official

I know individuals will have different opinions but, the question I was
asking had more to do with MARXISM as a philosophy. Do we have to tie the
hands of Marxism to one or another theory OUTSIDE its area of specialty?

Yes, both Marx and Engels followed the latest developments of science very
closely while they were alive. But they did not give advice to Darwin on how
to improve some of the flaws in his original theories. 

Marx and Engels are dead now, and it is up to us modern day Marxists to
develop the theories of scientific socialism and apply them to our concrete
situation. Personally I think the Big Bang model makes sense, but I also
have to admit that I'm not a professional cosmologist.

One other side issue, you keep bringing up the U.S. government and the
church and their support for the Big Bang theory. As far as I know both
these institutions also support the heliocentric model of our solar system.
Does this mean we Marxists should question (and oppose) the heliocentric


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