[Marxism] The Bing Bang Theory

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 21:30:25 MDT 2008


I do not know where this line of not taking position about
science is coming from? Did Marx or Engles not take position for example on
Darwin's theory?

Personally I think the theory is wrong. Not because the part of the universe
that is observed  does not expend, it does, Not because the observed part of
the universe does not have a beginning or will have an end, it does, What I
do not like in this theory is the assumption that the  entire universe (
matter itself)  has a beginning and that there can be a matter without  time
even for a very short duration. These assumption  brings god through the
back door. In addition I find it more than interesting that in spite of the
fact that the observed space contradicts the predictions of this theory ,
the US and other governments spend a lot of money in teaching it and the
churches support it as it was  one of their miracles.

Whether the working  people accept god or not is relevant to the class

We can not prevent at this point the cosmologist from spending money on any
project,  as much as we could not prevent Stalin from supporting
Lyssenkoism. Both theories Lysinkoism and Hubbolism had a political
function. This does not mean we can not criticize them and say what they

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