[Marxism] The Bing Bang Theory

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 07:17:11 MDT 2008

Sayan wrote:
> Darwin's book was easy to understand for a layman. It was, in fact,
> written for a common audience. Modern cosmology requires a knowledge
> of physics and mathematics which is beyond the reach of most common
> people.

Evolution was easy to understand for a people still close enough to
agriculture to have a certain gut-level understanding of inherited
characteristics.  And Darwin had predecessors, such as Robert Chambers
and his VESTIGES.  However, understanding the points Darwin used to
prove evolution required a specialized knowledge.

Today, it also takes a specialized knowledge to understand the proofs
for new theories in physics and cosmology.  However, the latest
scientific developments take remarkably little time before inspiring
documentaries where the scientists themselves explain what they're
doing in very clear and plain language for those without that
background.   We owe much to Comrade Einstein, who went far above and
beyond the call of duty to explain relativity to the public.

As an aside on this subject, people should remember that the
implications of Darwin's work for the study of society were not
straightforward.  There were reactionary as well as progressive uses
of the idea of social evolution.


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