[Marxism] The bing bang theory

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 01:44:40 MDT 2008

I am not sure how easy was Darwin's theory for the common people in
the 19thcentury.
To see through it and understand  that it is based on
theory that justifies  the exploitation of the working class,  took more
than  the ability of reading and understanding text. It took a revolutionary
working class outlook and that is what Marx and Engles had and most
intellectual of the period did not and could not see the connection between
capitalism and Mathis or Darwin's theories. It is very much the same today. The
fact that most intellectuals are the priests of the capitalist system and
speak and write in a way most common people can not understand,  does not
mean that Marxists should not learn bourgeois science and explain what these
scientists,  not only write,  but what is the meaning of their theories for
the working class. Any one who can really study and  understand Engles
writing on the dialectic of nature will be able to use it to study
contemporary bourgeois science and explain it in a way the most advance
workers can understand. The problem is that many times the Marxist
intellectuals are priests of this system. Take for example Kautsky and his
theories or Plekhanov after 1905.

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