[Marxism] The bing bang theory

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 07:21:05 MDT 2008

*Pance *
You are asking a very good question, namely are we to accept that every one
who describe himself a Marxist is indeed one.

The ABC of Marxism is that only the working class is the consistent
revolutionary class, that only the working class can liberate him/her self,
that to do it the class must build her/his revolutionary party, and that we
live in the epoch of revolutions, counter revolutions and wars.

Lenin summarized who is a Marxist in one sentence: A Marxist is one who
fights for the dictatorship of the proletariat

Do you accept this prism? And if you do, do  you think that those who
describe themselves as Marxists but reject this prism are Marxists?

Lenin said that the heart of Marxism is dialectical materialism. Do you
think that theories that are not materialist can be adopted  by Marxists, or
should we base   scientific analysis only on   materialist theories.

 Rejecting idealist theories and Criticizing  mechanical materialist
theories does not mean to advise the bourgeois scientists. This is one of my
criticisms of Alan woods or for this matter Pitter Mason.

 Marx and Engles studied Darwin who was a materialist and defended him
against the idealists but at the same time  criticized his empirical method.
They never advised him.
Finally do you think that the theory that presumes  the beginning of matter,
and matter before time  is a materialist theory?


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