[Marxism] The Big Bang Theory

chegitz guevara absynthe at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 08:27:00 MDT 2008

The universe is under no obligation to order itself according to human
sensibilities or wishes.

The Big Bang theory is the only theory that makes sense given the
current evidence. If you are to have a materialist and scientific
viewpoint, then you're stuck with the BBT. *Everything* has a
beginning and an end, even the universe. In the immensity off time,
even the multi-trillion year life span of the universe is but a brief
flicker of light.

The BBT does not bring God in through the back door. If you attempt to
do so, you are still faced with the same unanswerable question, "what
caused it all to begin?" We will never know. All introducing God does
to the equation is add a step and answers nothing.

Our species is fortunate to exist at the time it does. In 100 billion
years, the expansion of the universe will have accelerated so greatly,
that all of the other galaxies will have passed beyond the event
horizon, and our super galaxy (as all the galaxies of the local group
will have fallen into each other by then) will appear to be the whole
of the universe. Future species and civilizations will have no way of
knowing that there is the whole rest of the universe out there and
that there was a big bang. They will be even less able to answer the
question "From where did everything that is come?" They will know that
there must have been a time when the universe was was made up of
nothing but hydrogen, and they'll be able to date the age of the
universe, but they won't know how it came to be or how much more there
was of it. We get to know of the Big Bang. They will not.

Assuming that the rate of expansion doesn't accelerate so greatly that
the universe dies in the Big Rip, but most physicists discount that
possiblity currently.

your comrade,

chegitz guevara

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 11:30 PM, yossi schwartz <ssschwartz8 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Personally I think the theory is wrong. Not because the part of the universe
> that is observed  does not expend, it does, Not because the observed part of
> the universe does not have a beginning or will have an end, it does, What I
> do not like in this theory is the assumption that the  entire universe (
> matter itself)  has a beginning and that there can be a matter without  time
> even for a very short duration. These assumption  brings god through the
> back door. In addition I find it more than interesting that in spite of the
> fact that the observed space contradicts the predictions of this theory ,
> the US and other governments spend a lot of money in teaching it and the
> churches support it as it was  one of their miracles.

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