[Marxism] The Big Bang Theory

David Walters dave.walters at comcast.net
Fri Jun 27 09:11:59 MDT 2008

Well, I'd have to disagree. Most of the BB Theory is based on 
mathematical conclusions to *explain* the existence of gravitational 
fields that cannot exist outside the possibility of so-called "dark 
matter", itself assumed to be traveling at odd directions. It is not 
based on 'observational data' which would be the best of all proofs; the 
best materialist proof. (this is why dark matter is a deduction based on 
this and on observation). Obviously here is some observational data for 
the BBT, but Lerner asks why some of this is excluded, almost cherry 
picked, to make it look like an expanding universe when "clearly this is 
not the case". At any rate, the "no to the BB Theory", in part, is based 
directly on observational date of large objects (gas plasma fields) 
moving in directions that would make the universe far older, infinitely 
older, than the math for the BB Theory deduced the universe to be. . . 
and in directions that would place the origin of this plasma in places 
that don't originate in one area of the universe. The "no to the BBT" 
has picked up more and more adherents among astrophysicists, including 
Van Alan, famous for discovering the "Van Alan Belt" in the atmosphere.

I think it is all sort of interesting, albeit how it's going to help me 
pay my mortgage this month, well, I'm still working on the math for that 


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