[Marxism] Doug Henwood on Obama

Charles Brown charlesb at cncl.ci.detroit.mi.us
Fri Jun 27 10:43:53 MDT 2008

Doug: " Well no, but millions of people are experiencing some sort 
of misplaced enthusiasm, and they're almost certain to be disappointed. "

 Projecting and channeling

For months,  Doug and others have been projecting their own "radical" wishes into the minds of Obama's supporters ( especially socalled naive young supporters); and projecting "radical change" into Obama's "change" slogan.  Not just projecting, Doug and others seem to be channeling  the monopoly media on this, as the monopoly media characterizes Obama as an "ultra-liberal", which is their terminology for "radical". 

 But there is no reason to think that the millions supporting Obama think like Doug. And then when Obama talks as a centrist, like he always has,  Doug and those like him attack Obama for "moving to the right" , for moving away from the place Doug had projected Obama to be. But Obama was always in the center from the start . "change" Obama has talked about has been change from Bush, which is not inherently a radical change at all  (Ask everybody on this list)

So, according to Doug, Obama's supporters have "misplaced" enthusiasm, because he isn't what Doug's false version of what is in Obama's supporters' minds. And , so, of course, his supporters will be "disappointed" when Obama isn't a radical as President.... Not.  

Doug's ongoing positions over the years aren't that radical , anyway. So, he's holding Obama to a higher standard than he holds himself to . He postures as more radical than he is to attack Obama from the "left".  

Doug: "And how the excitation of voters can translate into a movement, 

CB: "Movement" ? Last I heard , Doug was against socalled activistism, which is his derogatory term for the activism that would constitute a political movement.

So, these radical positions are truly "wishes" in the sense that they are to remain in theory, and not carried out in action, action, action.


when its 
object could well become chief executive of the bourgeoisie, is never 
revealed. But hell, I'd love to get excited about a movement - could we 
have one?

CB:  Doug and others have been talking this stuff for months
Neither Obama nor his supporters ever claimed he is a saint. he often says he makes mistakes. Nor has he claimed to be a radical , but rather clearly claimed to be a political _centrist_. It is ultra-leftists who projected “radical change” into the “change” slogan. Obama never said “radical change”. Nor did he claim to be a saivor from everything. This whole line that Obama is a radical ( “ultra-liberal”), perfect savior was cooked up by the bourgeois media and mindlessly picked up by ultra-leftists, who “naively” projected their own wishes onto him, and then started attacking him for not living up to their projection.

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