[Marxism] Henwood on Obama

abu hartal abuhartal at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 27 11:02:11 MDT 2008

Given campaign, Obama is in no position to filibuster, so a no vote would have been symbolic, and it may not have been a good symbol to be on the losing side. But Obama committed himself to removing telecom immunity; McCain of course not. As president Obama will have the power to remove immunity esp. with Democratic Congressional pick ups, plus push the amendements to the Patriot Act that Clinton struck down. It would be silly not to vote for Obama. On death penalty he has always said that he supports it only for the most heinous crimes--serial murder and child rape. Given popular sentiment for capital punishment, it's not positively immoral to fight to limit it and to guarantee the accused better legal protection. Do remember that it was B.Clinton who fought to multiply the number of capital crimes (Hillary Clinton and McCain are for federal minimum sentencing requirements, and Obama is not for this racist policy, and he's for a radical narrowing of capital crimes). Of course his feet would have to be held to the fire by a rational left (especially over Jerusalem), but a people who can't even fight against a Bush third term for a mildly reformist one is not prepared to fight for anything bigger. Henwood should read Value Price and Profit, and don't forget who supports card checks. 
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