[Marxism] The Big Bang Theory

steve houston stevehouston3000 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 27 12:04:52 MDT 2008

This discussion can't be seriously coming from serious Marxists.  What does Hegel have to say?  Marx puts Hegel on his feet, remember, not contradicts him.  What does it mean for Hegel to hark back to the Eleatics?  Why does Hegel invoke Spinoza, for the most part, as an ally?  What does Hegel say about absolute Being and absolute Nothingness?

If it was only a question of physical materialsm -- physicalism for lack of a better term -- instead of a dialectical relationship (Ie Becoming) then maybe this conversation about Big Bang Theory, the origin of the universe, teleology, etc etc wouldn't be such a farce.  

C'mon..by definition there can't be two UNIverses.  If we find out its bigger or vaster than we thought, then its a bigger, vaster place (or maybe some more existential concept than place) than we thought.  Its not TWO universes "colliding" with each other or whatever other kook science some Trekkie dreams up. 

Maybe you think that's semantics but if so, then philosophy didn't die with Hegel after all.  And, yes, I mean that in a bad way.


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