[Marxism] staircase effect (was The Big Bang Theory)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Jun 27 16:39:33 MDT 2008

Les Schaffer wrote:
> Look thru Guth  and see if you can find such a "testable" claim. for 
> others, here is how Guth (the first author on inflation)  concludes his 
> summary of inflation to date (2007):
>     We should keep in mind, however, that observations in the past few
>     years have
>     vastly improved our knowledge of the early universe, and that these
>     new observations


oh god, marxmail's technical moderator submitted a post with staircase 
in a quoted text section. for penance, i will post this weekend on this 
dreaded effect. here it came about from cutting and pasting narrow 
paragraphs from a pdf file into the message buffer and using 
Thunderbird's  "Indent text" before i unwrapped the narrow paragraph.


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