[Marxism] NEW! Links Dossier #2: Class Struggle and Resistance in Zimbabwe | Links

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Sat Jun 28 00:20:47 MDT 2008

In the second /Links/ /Dossier/, in an easy to print a PDF format, 
/Links - International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ makes available 
essential historical background on the struggle for socialism in 
Zimbabwe, the degeneration of the regime and party of Robert Mugabe and 
the views of the Zimbabwean socialist movement on the way forward for 
the struggle for democracy and radical change.


Revolutionaries, resistance and crisis in Zimbabwe

His Excellency Comrade Robert: How Mugabe’s ZANU clique rose to power

Zimbabwean socialists: `No to a government of national unity! Only 
united mass action will defeat Mugabe!'

Got http://links.org.au/node/497 to downlaod

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